Our 2021-2022 Competition Team

Our tribe consists of advanced dancers who are chosen to be on the team by staff and director.  Dancers must be enrolled in unlimited classes and accept a private invitation.  The team is chosen for their hard work and dedication they showcased in the previous year.  Both class behavior and attendance also factored into who is chosen.  These dancers will compete at 4 regional and 1 national competition.  They represent our studio and must show positivity and motivation.  We look forward to an amazing season.  Our Tribe consists of 39 dancers Here is a list of our 2021-2022 Thrive Tribe.  

Madison Aceto, Lea Arias, Addy Beattie, Hannah Boyle, Raegan Busald, Hallie Cruz, Sydney Cruz, Kaitlyn Devlin, Hailey Easton, Olivia Fitts, Emalyn Gorman, Adrianna Gonzalez, Alexia Lombardi, Jianna Jose, Lindsey Lussier, Ella Lussier, Erica McGrady, Gianna McMahon, Lexie Meaker, Lylah Morais, Madeleine Nystrom, Caroline O'Donnell, Natalie Oliver, Nicole Oliver, Erin Peckham, Olivia Penta, Ella Pendola, Kyilei Prout, Emma Reyes, Layla Santiago, Chloe Smith, Kaelyn Smith, Khloe Tavares, Alexis Theberge, Makenna Theberge, Leila Weathers, Jalyn Wellington, Leah Wellington, MaKenna Woodward, and Meadow Yeaw.