All About Our Staff

Miss Bree Artistic Director

Thrive will be opening under the director Bree Fallon.  Bree has been a dancer for 29 years.  She has won numerous awards and high scores for her talents in dance and choreography.  She attended Dean College in Franklin, MA as a dance major in 2003.  She is a former studio owner and Company director for 9 years.  Some of her dance credentials include performing for Christina Aguilera, Rascal Flatts, Disney World, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  Miss Bree was also on a professional dance team for the WNBA CT Suns for 2 seasons. She has received many prestige scholarships including the Alvin Alley School full scholarship to the summer intensive as well as Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Class Scholarships.  Miss Bree still participates in yearly conventions and classes to keep up with the latest trends and loves with children and spreading her love and passion for Dance.

Miss Kassidy 

Kassidy Rochon began dancing at the age of two at Rising Stars Dance Academy, and continued to train there for 15 years. During her time there she won many titles, scholarships and became a National Grand Champion. Since then she has been teaching for the past five years at several studios throughout the east coast. She specializes in acrobatics, contemporary and jazz dance. Her choreography has received numerous awards and overall high scores.  Miss Kassidy will be teaching our Acro program at THRIVE.

Miss Tiffany 

Tiffany Smith has been dancing for 14 years.  She specializes in Jazz/funk and Hip Hop.  Tiffany also has been a competitive dancer for 9 years and continues to participate in yearly regional and national competitions. Currently, she is focusing on training in the style of hip hop at Thr3eLive Dance Complex and was involved in a Pro-Development Program. Some of her resent accomplishments include being in a pre-professional concept video and is a current member of the “Liv3lihood” hip hop crew.  Tiffany also teaches hip hop classes at some local studios in Rhode Island and continues learning and growing by attending conventions. Her future vision is to become a professional dancer or open a studio of her own.  THRIVE is excited to welcome Tiffany to the team and she is in Thrive's TAP Scholarship Program.  She will be teaching our mini and Jr age groups on Tuesday evenings. 

Miss Jasmyne

Jasmyne has been a competitive dance for 12 years and specializes in Hip Hop.  She is currently a member of the Livelihood dance crew in Rhode Island.  She also teaches at several local dance studios across the state.  She aims to inspire her students as well as gain inspiration from them.  Miss Jasmyne will be teaching the Intermediate/Advance Hip Hop Class on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Miss Delaney

Delaney is a 20 year old aspiring dancer/choreographer from Rhode Island, with a true passion for performing and creating.  She trains in a variety of styles such as Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and many more.  She is currently training with companies and crews such as Boston Community Dance Project, Livelihood, and Providence Ballet Theatre where she has been given opportunities to guest teach and showcase in all events over the northeast.  Delaney plans to continue her journey of dance in the professional industry and beyond!.  She will be teaching the Advanced contemporary class on Monday evenings.

Guest Teachers/Choreographers:

Neenah Cruz, Hailey Winn, Tjay Martinez, Nikki Gyfto, Courtney Moniz, Rachel Melo, Michelle Vaughn, James, Combo Marino, Edgar Viloria, Elizabeth Evelyn, and Geraiya Wallace-Toczko.