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Embrace Your Love of Dance



A basic ballet class consists of several segments, usually: barre, center, adagio, allegro, and reverence. The components of a basic ballet class are usually consistent throughout most of the world.

Tap Dance Class


Students are taught rhythms, timing, and leg/foot coordination done to various types of music. We teach all types of tap from standard basics like “Singing in the Rain” to funky rhythm tap as seen in “Bring In Da Noise.” Students will receive well-rounded knowledge of all types of tap.

Image by Chermiti Mohamed


Jazz is sharp and fluid movements to create a visually technical dance and style. It is usually done to popular music. Body isolations, stretch, turning, leaping and technical steps are taught in this class.

Image by Leon Liu


Lyrical/contemporary is a fluid form of dance done to popular ballads and slower contemporary music. The dancer is taught to interpret his or her movement with feeling, motion and style. They will learn to tell a story or create the picture of the song. This style combines the fluid beauty of ballet with the more sharp moves in jazz. A Ballet or Jazz class is recommended along with lyrical/contemporary to build in technique.



Acro is a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics. It consists of floor tricks (cartwheels, round offs, backbends…etc) It focuses on building muscle, strength and flexibility.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose

Stretch and Technique

This is a class designed specifically for the serious dancer who wishes to perfect and refine their skills of turning, jumping, and leaping. These classes are taught with an emphasis on technique and correct body placement. They are taught in a progressive manner beginning with the basics and advancing to high level skills and combinations of those skills.This class is also very important for the students wanting to do poms or are a current pom to gain technique required for tricks in routines. The strength and conditioning is designed to build stamina and condition the body for difficult tricks and aerobic requirements needed for advanced dancing.

Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop

 The latest moves seen on popular music video and dance shows, taught to appropriate pop/hip hop music.  Trendy and fun full of energy class. Style of choreography is urban and street

Image by Husna Miskandar

Competitive Classes

Our Dance Company are advanced choreography classes. Dancers are chosen/placed based upon the following:  a September to June commitment in each of the required classes, a focused, motivated attitude, an exemplary attendance record~ this includes tardiness and leaving classes early,  respect for oneself, classmates, and teachers, and the ability to display adequate technical proficiency in each of their main classes. Dancers are recommended by their current teachers.